Howdy, I'm Tommy.

I Code. A lot.

Welcome, I'm over there.

I'm an upcoming University of Houston - Downtown graduate focused on software development

From enterprise applications to real-time interactive media, I've touched on a variety of software methodologies, and technologies.

Such as: C/C++, C#, Java, COBOL, and Python

Outside of my professional work with AppleCare I regularly compete in local Texas Hackathons, take a look at my work below. See if we should team up at the next one.

As I move into the next stage in my life, I'm looking to take my professionalism into Apple Software Engineering.

I'm currently interested in NodeJS, ARKit, and Swift as they relate to an iOS environment.

Have something in mind with my previous or next technologies? See the contact page below.

Tommy - Software Engineer

Tommy - Software Engineer/Technical Support Consumer Sales

What I'm Doing Now

AppleCare Advising

Support people through sharing my passion and knowledge of technology.

Unity Development

I'll help you investigate the world of real-time interactive software either from a simulation or game perspective. AR/VR is the way of the future.


Know of an upcoming Hackathon in the gulf coast region, let me know! I bring a unique perspective on projects that are sure to be a hit.

And When

  1. 07/17 - 07/17Angel Hack in Austin - Runner Up
  2. 05/17 - 05/17Sketch City in Houston - First Place
  3. 09/15 - todayAppleCare College AHA
  4. 10/14 - 09/15Game Programmer
  5. 04/14 - 01/15Applications Developer

I'm interested in getting to know your project.

Let's discover something new together!


College Work, Unity Projects, Recent Hackathons


got an idea of something we could collaborate on? let me know here